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One of the aims of our Publishing House is the publication of electronic books of various content benefited by the capabilities of technology supported by the Internet.

New horizons are opening now for the authors, as authors are able to use 3D images and shapes, audios, videos and other technological products, supported by the Internet. There is also the capability of adding an audio reading of the book, giving the opportunity, too, to people with sight problems to have access to it.

The publishing cost of the electronic books in our Publishing House (that is born by the authors) is lower than the publishing cost of a book in its conventional form.

Readers can easily and quickly buy any book interesting them, in a PDF format.

Each book remains published on our website for the time period that has been agreed between the Editor and the author(s) of the book.

Author(s) interested in benefiting by the facilities provided by our Publishing House "VIPAPHARM" and wishing to publish their scientific work through our website, may contact directly the Editor and Owner of the Publishing House "VIPAPHARM" You will find our contact data in the website Contact button.


In order to be able to purchase an e-book from “VIPAPHARM” Publishing House, please follow these steps:

  1. Make your choice from our list of books provided here.
  2. Press on the book’s title and you’ll be forwarded to the special webpage, in which you will find details on the book chosen contents.
  3. If you wish to purchase the book chosen, please send us your request to the following e-mail address . You can pay us by PAYPAL.

If you choose to purchase the electronic version of the book, you have the following choices:

  1. you can choose to receive it from the Internet in PDF format through e-mail.
  2. you can choose to purchase the CD version of the book. The CD will be sent to you by regular post as a register package. Dispatch charges will be laid upon the buyer of the CD exclusively.

If you choose to purchase the printed version of the book, you will receive the said book bookbinded. The book will be sent to you by regular post as a register package. Dispatch charges will be laid upon the buyer of the book exclusively.



1.  «Σακχαρώδης Διαβήτης» Δρ. Βίκτωρα Γ. Παπαγιαννόπουλου ΦαρμακοποιούΠαιδαγωγούDIABETES MELLITUS» Dr. Victor G. Papagiannopoulos (The book is available only in Greek Language)}.

Edition June 2001